Legal and Law Enforcement Dictation and Transcription Services

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ZyDoc's dedicated legal transcription teams provide expert, accurate transcription for legal documents of any length. We use secure cloud-based encryption technology to deliver your completed reports. Secure role-based access allows tiered permission levels for administrators and dictating authors. 

Secure Cloud-Based Transcription

  • reliable US based ZyDoc Operations Center operating 24x7x365
  • large volume, lengthy dictations
  • simultaneous dictations from unlimited number of locations
  • dual electronic signatures
  • expedited turnaround time / unlimited STAT
  • immediate searchable access to files during all stages
  • instant lookup for finalization
  • continuous accuracy monitoring using a proprietary quality assurance process
  • highly customizable templates
  • system integration with proprietary systems for automated documentation delivery and enhanced workflows
  • advanced file retention technology for archiving and record-keeping requirements
  • highly specialized transcriptionists

Flexible Dictation Options from Any Location

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ZyDoc transcribes your dictation securely and confidentially, with 24-hour standard turnaround or STAT options. We support dictation options including: toll-free dial-in, handheld USB recorders, or our TrackDoc™ smartphone app for Android or iOS for secure 24/7 dictation from any location.

ZyDoc Legal Dictation and Transcription

ZyDoc Legal Transcription Free Trial

With over 24 years as a leader in medico-legal knowledge managment, ZyDoc is a trusted documentation partner for public agencies and private firms. ZyDoc provides efficient, scalable, and confidential web-based transcription services nationwide . Ask about a functional trial to experience the advantages of our leading edge technology.


ZyDoc employs Level II and III transcribers and editors with expertise in legal documents, as well as clinical documentation for outpatient surgery centers, ophthalmology, trauma/emergency medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, pulmonary, cardiology, and sub-specialties with complex medical vocabularies.