IME, Workers Comp, Insurance Reports


Injured woman with a doctor and an insurance agent.jpegZyDoc transcribes all types of IME, peer review, workers compensation, and insurance reports, securely and confidentially, with 24-hour or STAT (2 hours or less) turnaround options. No need to be tethered to a desktop computer! Use our smartphone app for Android or iOS for secure 24/7 dictation from remote locations in the field.


ZyDoc transcription sample IME report - 162-1.jpgZyDoc's dedicated medical language specialist teams assist physicians with accurate, fast turnaround on IME reports, peer reviews, and more. Contact us to learn more or request a sample.



Workers Compensation

Older warehouseman having a painful infarction.jpegRETURN TO WORK objectives depend on rapid intervention, overall case management, and substantive documentation. ZyDoc’s award-winning e-transcription platform supports these objectives with rapid transcription to meet strict reporting timeframes.


Timely, Secure Transcription for All Insurance Reports

  • reliable US based ZyDoc Operations Center operating 24x7x365
  • large volume, lengthy dictations
  • simultaneous dictations from unlimited number of locations
  • dual electronic signatures
  • expedited turnaround time / unlimited STAT
  • immediate searchable access to files during all stages
  • instant lookup for finalization
  • continuous accuracy monitoring using a proprietary quality assurance process
  • highly customizable templates
  • system integration with proprietary systems for automated documentation delivery and enhanced workflows
  • advanced file retention technology for archiving and record-keeping requirements
  • highly specialized transcriptionists


With over 25 years as a leader in medical knowledge management solutions, ZyDoc is a trusted transcription partner for physicians, hospitals, ASCS, IMEs, and government agencies nationwide. ZyDoc provides efficient web-based medical documentation solutions that allow you to handle exponentially more claims. Complex document assembly, multi-channel routing, and electronic records integration are rapid, secure, and in compliance with all information privacy mandates. ZyDoc can implement a customized enterprise-level prototype often within days. Ask about a functional trial to experience the advantages of our leading edge technology.


ZyDoc employs Level II and III transcribers and editors with expertise in trauma/emergency medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, pulmonary, and other work-related injury treatments, who are able to produce reports which clearly outline causal relationships, material medical conditions, scheduled loss of use, and other WC standard components.