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  • Improving patient flow through simple changes.
  • Using text messaging to benefit patient care.
  • Integrating cybersecurity into culture.
  • Incorporating a medical billing module in your EHR workflow.
  • Using social media for hiring.

Excerpt on improving patient flow:

“I found it can be a great advantage to educate patients, but if the education is done by the doctor it ties up his/her time and they often speak over the patient's head (initially). Hiring a patient advocate in the office can help. This person educates the patient. The doctor diagnoses and moves to the next patient. The patient advocate defines, coaches and educates the patient on the findings and after care. This means the doctor can more efficiently use their time, but the patient is well taken care of and learns. If the patient asks the doctor a question, they are in a better position to understand the answer more fully.” (Rick Jahn)

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